Monday, April 7, 2014

Photo Shoot!!!! Preloved, are you ready?!

Last week was one of the most amazing weeks I've had in a long time. The company I am interning with, Preloved, gave me a chance to style some of their new line for their new online store. We had an amazing team including Kat, out amazing photographer and Slava our beautiful model.

The day started with me lugging half of my wardrobe on an hour bus ride to the studio for 9am, my grammasack (what I call my thrifted, truly grandma style small luggage bag) filled to the brim with various shorts, pants, crop tops, jackets and jewelry. I had an idea about what I was shooting, but didn't know colour, how they fit on or their silhouettes, so it was truly a toss up between everything I owned vs what we were shooting.

I arrived promptly at 9am and set everything out to be steamed and ready for when the model came in, also taking some time to start planning the outfits.

The shoot went from about 930 am till 530 pm, and I loved every minute of it. I was grinning like a fool the whole time, truly loving what I was doing. I felt like I had found my calling, an was doing a good job going back and forth  picking outfits, changing up hair and using a reflector to create wind during the shoot.

I can't wait to see the final pictures up on the website and to shop some of these wonderful pieces. Check out the website, and buy some of these amazing lovingly hand made items!

I would also like to thank Julia of Preloved for giving me this opportunity and teaching me how to fan like a champ! haha

Here are some behind the scenes photos!!
~Stay tuned for more outfitting posts and reviews~

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