Monday, January 23, 2012

Hair Extension Review!!

Today I was so happy to find a package in my mailbox, from Lilies Shop, a website that I stumbled, tripped over then fell head over heels in love with! The shop is based in Vancouver B.C, and carries a wide range of products, from skin care brands such as Innsifree and Etude House, to makeup by Lioele, and even synthetic and human hair wigs and extensions! All products are from reputable korean brands and are 100% real items. It was easy to find what you are looking for on the site, and helps identify what colour goes best with your hair, and even has reviews on the good and bad of each product. They even provide a tracking number for people that live in Canada if choosing the standard shipping option. Another thing i liked is that they have a great benefits program for returning shoppers, and even a percentage off for first time purchases! You really cant go wrong with that!

I purchased synthetic clip in hair extensions for the amazing price of 24.99 CND. They are a 50 cm, 12 piece clip in set which i bought in natural brown. One of the things i love about this hair, is that it feels like hair! even though its synthetic, it is shiny and soft, with a healthy shine, not glossy and fake looking like other synthetic hair. Another thing is that it blends in perfectly with my black brown hair. It adds a bit of volume to the hair, and also blends nicely all the way through the hair, almost like having layers. I was afraid my hair would look like a mushroom head, since i have very thick hair that all ends at the same place, but after all 12 pieces were in, there was a nice gradual thinning that happened, so it all looked very natural!

This is what they look like all clipped in :)

You can kind of see in the picture where my real hair starts, but if i actually did my hair as if i was going out, aka straightened it and not have it up in a bun all day, it would make a much more gradual transition.

With the hair, i also purchased small bottle of Wig Essence for 4 dollars. This is used to spray on the extensions before putting them in, and also before curling or straightening them. This helps them keep their original state longer, and moisturize and keep the hair from drying out and getting frizzy or tangled.

I was really happy to receive all this, but there were even more goodies inside then what i ordered! Due to the lunar new year, the wonderful people at Lilies Shop also gave out rings with every purchase ordered during the week I purchased the hair. Its a really cute black and gold adjustable ring with red flowers. Definitely something id wear. 

They also threw in a free sample of Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream, which i also had on my wish list on the site when i ordered, which i found pretty awesome.

The last thing I got, I found the coolest. Its a Lioele Pink Hair Pad

At first I was confused on how this worked until my mom opened the package and threw it at me. Low and behold it stuck right to my bangs! I noticed it was like a gentle Velcro, with little pieces sticking up and bent at the end to catch and hold the hair.

Close up of hair pad!

Its really cute and actually holds hair back from your face, or in place. At one point I was using it to hold my bun together because I couldn't find a hair elastic! Its literally as easy to use as brushing your hair back.

Over all, I was so pleased with everything i got and the quality of everything i have used thus far! Even the ring is better quality then i thought it would be, although it is a bit small... >.> I will definitely be ordering from Lilies Shop again soon, and I think everyone else should give it a go too!!

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