Friday, January 20, 2012

Out of This World!!

 On one of my recent posts, I talked about my Sally Hansen Nail Hardener, and I'm finally back to my old nail quality. Long, stong beautiful nails!! so since I was so happy with my nails, I decided to get back to something I love, Nail art!!

Today was my first attempt at anything in the last 2 years, so I thought id do something kind of fun and abstract. For some reason I thought of doing Galaxy nails, which turned out pretty great if I do say so myself!

I used 5 different colours, and my nail hardener as the base and top coat! I think it turned out pretty awesome!! I just wonder how long it will last for!

Let me know if you want a tutorial on how to do these nails and I'll put one up as soon as these ones chip away :) Until then, stay tuned! ^_^


  1. please show us how you did this!

    1. ill probably post a tutorial next week:) i just wanna enjoy these bad boys a little! lol when they chip ill re do em play by play ;) so stay tuned!


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