Saturday, January 14, 2012

Circle Lens Review!!

Today was the first day that I wore my new Princess Mimi Bambi Brown lenses. I received them with my last order from, which you can read about it my Time to Review Post! They were packaged nicely, with lots of bubble wrap, and arrived a standard 2 weeks after the order. :)

The lenses themselves are pretty nice. They have a dark brown ring, then an orangey burst design coming from the middle of the lens. At first, they were kinda freaky, since I'm not used to not so subtle lenses, but after wearing them for awhile, I saw how nice and unique they are.

They have a bigger enlargement ratio then I'm used to, even tho they are still a 14mm lens, and the colour is pretty similar to my natural eye colour from far away. Up close, you really see the design, and the middle colour is brighter and more noticeable.

They were pretty comfortable after a while, since I'm still new at putting them in, and even though my eyes do get a little dry, its not too uncomfortable.

Over all, these aren't my favourite lenses, but they are pretty nice for the proper occasion.

Now Pictures!!! :


  1. omg princess mimi bambi lenses!! i hate you :( too bad i hate circle lenses, if not id want the grey sesame

    1. holly crap i didnt know that was you..LMAO :P the grey ones scare meeee thats why i got the choco brown lol


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