Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time to Review!!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, I finally have a review after the almost month long wait! It is none other then my circle lens review!!

As promised I will be reviewing both my lenses as well as ordering from the store. Todays review will be my Geo Nudy Grey lenses! <3 But first, the store review. I ordered the lenses from a store called, which I hadn't really heard of until I came across some posts in the Soompi forums. After checking out the site, I realized they had amazing prices and selection of all the major lenses available. The Nudy Grey's were on sale in their Plano Clearance section and were only 12.50 USD! The other amazing thing was that the store had pictures of models wearing the contacts and blurbs about each style. They even have a points program set up so you can receive discounts off of future purchases! After ordering and paying with PayPal, it was really easy to track my package, and of I needed anything, I could email them and would get a reply 2 hours later. When I finally got the parcel, a prompt 2 weeks later, I was happy to see everything bible wrapped securely and also 2 cases for each of my lenses. :3 Ok now for the lenses themselves! I must explain my tardiness for making this review is because for the life of me I couldn't get the lenses on!! I know I know.. I just can't not blink when there's a gigantic hand coming for my eyes! Anyways, after half hour of trying different ways I finally got them in!! And I love them just as much as I is before!! Comfort was not so high only because I was poking my eyes for a while before actually getting them in, but I know from past experience that they feel amazing on! Colour and design is awesome! Subtle enough to be worn for daytime outings but unique enough to definitely be noticed! The grey blends beautifully with my eyes and makes a dark mysterious woman outta me. The enlargement is not too big that I look like an alien but big enough to get noticed. These are the perfect lenses in my opinion and this shop is definitely one I will be returning to!! Now for some pictures!!

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