Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just to Reiterate...

This past Tuesday, i had the wonderful opportunity to try out the new things that I recently bought. :) It was the birthday of a great friend who had passed this summer, and so all his friends got together to celebrate him and what would have been his 21st year. 

Sorry for the grubby bathroom pic >.<

Since we were going to the Palasad, I opted for a semi casual look. I dug through my closet for my never-been-worn sheer Urban Behaviour top and spike embellished skinny jeans. I wanted that simple feminine rocker look, so i also paired the outfit with my lace up combat boots, and some of my new jewelry i bought from Detox!

My Awesome plated knuckle ring and hooter earrings!

I also thought this would be the perfect occasion to try out my new extensions from Lilies Shop, as well as my Mimi Chocolate Brown lenses! 

I was a little nervous wearing them out, because I didn't wanna look super fake with lenses and clip in hair, but I received way more compliments then I thought I would. Everyone loved the lenses, and thought the hair looked really natural, which i am happy about :) I did become more used to the colour of the lenses as the night went on, but i still think they are best as special occasion lenses.

And yes,,i am listening to music..So Cool by SISTAR <3...
Side note, i also learnt the dance for that song before going out lol
Lemmie know if you want it posted :P

How do you all think I look? :)

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