Friday, January 27, 2012

Long Heels...Blue Bottoms?

Step, Step, Step, Step In Yo, Step, Step, Step, Step In Yo, 
Long heels, Red Bottoms
...Ive had that Trina song stuck in my head all day for some reason...
- Back to the post :P -

Today was a fruitful day in the shopping department. It was my first day off in a long while, and also the most relaxing, with some shopping R&R. I managed to get a huge haul for the lowest price possible!! But, I will show you those purchases next time. Right now, I want to show my favorite purchase of the day!!

Wait for it...Wait for itttt...


I love these shoes!!!! They're a vinyl and sued platform pump, and their sooo comfy. Feels like your walking on clouds!! The other amazing part was the colour, and price! They were 50% off the lowest price at Brida shoe store, and the original sale price was 89.99 CAD, so I payed a total of 50 bucks for these lovely shoes! 

As seen in the picture, their a Sapphire blue shade, which goes so well with anything. When worn with black they become the main focus, but don't give an awkward Nikki Minaj bright "look at me I'm crazy" sense. Just a nice splash of colour. They also came in a beautiful pink colour as well as black, which both were sold out in my size. Waa :'( Along with these shoes were a ridiculously amazing tangerine strapped pump, which i didn't get the chance to try, but would love to add to my shoe collection!

That's just a little of what they look like on. They fit amazingly and make my feet look so tiny and perfect!
(Don't worry, I'll upload a better picture of them on when I get a chance!)


  1. You should try urbanog they have awesome shoes you might like!

    1. ahhhh i love that site!! <3 now im gonna have to order from it >.< see what youve done?! lol :P Thanks for the tip!


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