Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nail Tutorial : Galaxy nails!

Sorry if this isn't the best tutorial, it is my first one ever :)
I decided to do a tutorial after being asked many times by my readers, as well as many people on the street, how i did my nails. So here we go! i hope i make this easy to follow! As well if you have any tutorial tips for me let me know :) I would love to learn how to bring you all great and accurate ways to do nails and anything else you like.

As I posted earlier, i attempted to do a galaxy inspired nail, which i also did for the first time, and which i think when quite well, don't you? (Link to Nail Post)

This is hopefully how your nails will end up, or even better!

So lets get started!! 
What you will need are about 5-10 different nail polishes, according to what look you want for your galaxy. I used a matte black, pearly white, red, pearly blue, sparkles,white as well as my base/top coat. You will also need a makeup sponge, bobby pin/toothpick and a scrap piece of paper

The first thing I always do before I put any colour onto my nail, is put on my base coat. This will help protect your nails from the layers of polish, as well as help it hold the colour. After this, I put my base colour on (black) and let it dry.

Next, you take the makeup sponge and rip a piece off. You need to dab the lightest colour (for me the pearly white) on the scrap paper for you to dab the makeup sponge into. Then dab across your nails in an abstract design.

Continue dabbing colour onto your nails in the same fashion, until you have a nice galactic composition. For my nails I used the red in the middle and blended the white out with the pearly blue polish. Its also best if you do the sponging while the previous sponged layer is still wet. That will help blend the colours as they dry

Now its time for the stars! To do this take you bobby pin/ toothpick and dab it into you white nail polish. You will use this tool to dot your nails to make a starry pattern. The easiest way to make it look really abstract, is to dot fast and all over the place. Be as messy as you like!

While its still fresh, take your sparkly polish and coat your nails. This will help blend in the stark white colour, as well as add some sparkle to show more depth in your galaxy.
You cant really see the sparkles on my nails, but that sparkly blue polish is what I used.

The last thing to do is add your top coat, and your all done!
Its really fun to do these nails, and if you mess up, you can always dab on some more colours or stars :)

This was my end product:

Hopefully this helped!! I don't have a camera, or else I would have filmed a more helpful video >.<
Feel free to leave me any feedback or ask any questions!

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