Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bride of Frankenstein Makeup

As promised, I have done a fun and easy to do makeup look, which any skin tone or makeup skill level can do. All you need are a few shades of green and black eyeshadow, some makeup brushes, eyeliner and powder! Mix that all together and you get...
The Bride of Frankenstein!! o0o0o00ooo!!

Lets Begin!
To start, you want to have a well moisturised face since there is going to be a lot of powdery product building which can really dry out your face. I have used my Diane Lai Rejuvenate moisturiser and also used my Dream Girls BB cream to have a nice even and moist face.

To get an even whiter and even base to work with, I have used my e.l.f high definition powder to set the makeup. I have also put in my Geo nudy grey circle lenses to help widen my eyes.

The next thing to do is add a little colour back onto the face..although its all gonna be green! I am no makeup expert, but  for this look all you need is to know how to contour your face to bring out your features. You don't want to look like a painted mess, this is more of a elegant and sophisticated take on monster makeup. With a light greeny yellow shadow, your going to highlight your cheekbones, nose and bridge, forehead, chin and eye brow bone. Start out light just so you can play with the highlighting and so that if you do mess up you don't have to remove all of your work.

Next you will want to use an almost evergreen shade to contour your features. The main areas our going to add colour to are from your temples to the corner of you mouth in a C shape along your hair line and straight from the bottom of your earlobe and along your chin area. Also your going to contour your nose going from your eyebrows down the sides of your nose and underneath the eyes. Again start light and build up the colour using one or 2 shades of dark green.

Just to add an even darker element to really help pick up the green colour and to really show the contour, I have used a black shadow to follow the dark green from the hairline to the temples, to the cheeks ect.  I also used it to re contour my nose and fill in my eyebrows.

The next thing I did was start on my eyes. I used a jewel tone green to make an almost cat shape on the entire lid, and to line half of the lower lash line. I also used the same greeny/ yellow that i first started with and blended it over the lid to make a kind of gradation.

I then lined both the top and lower lash line of my eyes with my e.l.f crayon liner, and extended my eyebrows towards my temples. I also lined my lips with the black liner and filled in the corners a bit to add depth.

Over that I used the evergreen colour to fill in my lips and used a little bit of pink to blend the green into my natural lip colour, to add a youthful and modern take on the entire look.

The last thing to do is to add some stitches and any touch ups. I used my Joe Fresh liquid liner.  And with that your finished!

For hair I just puffed up the top and attached a white sheet with some bobby pins to look like a veil. To help keep it in place and make it look a little more neat, I added my mini tiara.

For another ultra chic bridal look, add an embellished headband and make a large bouffant hairstyle. I just pulled my hair up and a loose and messy ponytail, twisted the end under and used a black clip to secure it in place at the back.

For the outfit just wear anything white and lacy, I chose a lace tube top just for pictures, but you could pair it with a white high-low or maxi skirt to add to the bridal look.

And there it is! This is a really easy look to do, just contour and fill in the colours as you like! Ler me know if you have any tips or makeup tricks! I may be uploading another Halloween look tomorrow! So stay tuned!!!

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