Friday, October 26, 2012

October shopping haul

Since moving out, Ive been trying to spend less money and only buy necessities or items iv been dyeing to buy, which means I will be having smaller hauls to show and talk about. Since  this is now the case, iv decided to do monthly shopping hauls instead of lots of little ones through out the month. This month i have bought some things that iv been dying to get, some that are necessities, and some that are a little bit of a let down but still perfect for the coming cold season.
My first stop is usually H&M, and I did find some great basic items there. I got a great pair of ankle length dress pants for $15 and a cropped sweater for $14.95. Also I love stopping over in the kids section and getting nice button up tops. I found a great blue button up in the boys section for only $19.95.
My next stop was Forever 21, where I got an amazing pair of high wasted leather pants! Ive been searching for leather shorts for ages and I'm so happy I found them for under 20 bucks there!
A new store I have also started shopping at is one called Anthropologie. Its a high priced store which offers very artistic and vintage looking clothing and home wear.  So far I have only bought 3 pieces from the sale section, which I do wear quite often. I bought this wonderful sheer printed top which is great for layering, this very interesting black Tshirt/ tank top in black, and this amazing lace top with a cotton overlay material. The colour is really gorgeous and the fabric feels extremely luxurious. These tops all ranged from 10 dollars to 40, with their original prices ranging from 68 to 100 dollars.
The last items I bought were accessories and makeup. From Shoppers Drugmart, I bought this gorgeous purple lipstick. Although it turned out a completely different colour then what I thought it would be, I still think i can wear it in the winter with certain outfits.
I also bought some new watches, since all of mine have come to a timely end..... Like that? timely..for watches...get it?! HA! But anyways, American Eagle was having a sale, and I got 2 watches for the price of one, 30 dollars to be exact. The first watch I picked was an everyday watch, black rubbery band with a black and gold face. The second was a dressier bigger watch in complete rose gold.
So that is it for now! Do check back soon because I will be doing a special Halloween makeup look! And if you wanna see anything in particular, do leave comments so I know what to show you guys! Have a good day!

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