Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BIG Changes!! & Haul / NOTW

Sooooo basically I cut all my hair off. I now have a short bob style which I actually love! I have always wanted long hair, but my hair has always had other ideas, so I gave up and chopped it off last night. I cant wait to experiment with new short hairstyles and see how this cute look will work with edgier fashion.

I never really liked short hair, or thought it would look good on me, but its really nice...we will see how long I love it for though. haha

Also, I have been doing a little bit of shopping recently...some at Anthropologie (mainly at Anthropologie, some at urban outfitters and little bits here and there).

From Anthropologie I bought a few really cute pieces from their new season and some from their sale items!

First off, this army jacket. Its seriously amazing! The front is a really nice, over sized army jacket with big pockets and a nice collar. The back is the surprise.

The back is a gorgeous knitted pattern with yellows, pinks, navys and really makes the jacket pop! It goes perfectly with any style, jeans, dress, skirts etc.

The next item I bought was this super cute printed, collard dress shirt. It has an adorable bicycle man print all over it, and has navy cuffs, collar and stripe coming up the middle. It is soft and really comfy to wear. 

This is another really nice top I bought. The front and back are a sheer material, while the arms and neck are a comfy jersey type material. Its longer in the back and has a cute rolled up / button sleeve. Its really comfy to wear and really gives off an easy going professional look.

This last sweater I bought might be my favourite purchase so far. Its something I've never seen before, and soooo cute on! It has and irregular hemline along the bottom, and the back has a lace piece inside, that just peaks out along the bottom. I bought it in a medium so that it was longer  and so that the arms were a bit looser. I LOVE THIS SWEATER! It looks amazing with leather pants or with tights as well. 

This is the last item I bought from Anthropologie. These shorts are actually really really cute! They have a scalloped bottom and a really nice jacquard print with a shiny fabric. They are high waisted and look really good with opaque black tights. I cant wait to wear these with a really cute blazer and nice collard shirt!

At Urban Outfitters, I bought some amazing pieces. This cute grungy sweater with with denim vest, and Love Tarot card tank were 2 great finds in their sale section. They really look so good and the sweater is really warm

The spiked headband was from Garage, which is super crazy, since I didn't think they would have anything like that. The ox blood pants were from Urban Planet, and only cost me 20 bucks!

I also bought these black leather pants from H&M. They are really really stretch and super comfortable to wear. I'm afraid of wearing these in the summer though..we all know what its like to stack to leather seats...imagine leather pants!

Last but not least I also bought this gorgeous long skirt from Costa Blanca for 10 bucks! This is a picture of the back  since the front is just a regular skirt, but the back is rouged  and it has a slit up the side of the leg to just under the knee. Its so nice and comfy and has an effortless sexy chicness to it.

I also picked up some accessories from Anthropologie and Costa Blanca. The two belts were from Anthro, and are so cute! The silver one has a snake head and tail, so it looks like its wrapping around your waist, and the gold one as a really cute jewelled front.

The gold chain necklace I bought from Costa Blanca, and it is so nice. Its the perfect accessory to throw on with literally anything, even a bummy sweater!

I'm happy with everything I got and I didn't break the bank getting em! I wonder how they will all go with my new hair... :D 

My next post will probably be a review..I just don't know on what yet. haha MYSTERY REVIEW!
I will leave you with my new nails for this week! Ciao! 

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