Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Wish List

Its about that time again, Christmasssss! Although there is no snow on the ground right now, and I don't have a Christmas tree at my new apartment, The festive music and holiday sales are starting to churn out. Today I finally started some Christmas shopping, and have gotten quite ahead....also grabbing some  things for me in the process ^^.

There are a few things I am hoping to receive in my stocking, and wrapped up this year...and to any family members reading, I hope this helps you guys out!

First of all i am really hoping to get a new sewing machine!! I have wanted one for the past few years ever since 4 years ago when my last one death :(.

The next items i am hoping for are actually all off of wholesale sites. I have never actually bought anything off of any wholesale sites, but I always fill up a cart of things I want, and look at the price and imagine buying them...and how easily I could do so. All of the items this time are bags or clutches.

From, I really want these three bags:

This bag in black which is only $12.21CND

This gorgeous blue bag is $16.67CND

 And also this brown shopper bag which is only $11.75CND

All together  with shipping they would come to $67.71CND which isn't bad at all! for 3 good sized bags, I would say that this is a steal, even if they aren't the most amazing quality.

A few other bags I found on that I like and want to purchase / find in my gifts are this brown shopper bag, just like the other one...(just in case the first is sold out), which comes to $8.35 USD + $16.19USD for shipping.

This beige bag  which is $9.19USD

And last but not least this brown envelope bag which is only $3.96USD. 

These last to bags also have $12.68USD added for shipping which equals $50.37USD all together. Again, not too bad for  these bags, when here they are at least 20-60 dollars.

Some other things I want are a wide brimmed hat since they look so good on everyone, and maybe something with a little fur. Maybe just a furl stole or collar so i can add it with different outfits. Leather gloves would be nice too....hmmm..

Other then that there is really nothing else I really want or need. Everything I can probably buy myself at some point so the only thing I really really am hoping for is a new sewing machine! <3

Well that is it for tonights post! ..Keep looking forward to a mystery review! i just haven't thought of what to review yet!  Goodnight wonderful readers!

None of the above pictures were taken or are owned by me, All pictures were found on the sites linked to them. 


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    1. me too, i need some colour in my life i have too much black


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