Friday, December 7, 2012

November Favs!

I am back with another favourites post! This time much closer to the end of the month. For this favourites post, I will be posting not only fashion, but electronics, beauty and skincare products. :)

I have had these lenses for a while, but haven't worn them in a very long time. I have recently started wearing them and I am in love with them! They are the Bambi sesame grey lenses that I received from solution lens. Hands down my favourite lens I own!

Next is my spiked head band. Now that I have a super cutesy hairstyle, I like wearing this to get a little more edge into my style. When I'm having my angsty goth days, its the perfect accessory!

My favourite new toys!! my mac book and my bamboo!! (AHHHHHHH!) These are two amazing friggin electronics that everyone should have...just sayin. I use my mac everyday (obviously) and the bamboo i use to draw animations and things. I'm still figuring out how to use it but so far its pretty amazing.

One of my favourite sweater jackets is this one from Anthropologie. The front is your basic military style jacket, and the back has this gorgeous knit pattern. Its not very warm, at all, but it looks amazing with everything you try to put it with.

I bought these tights from Ardene's I bought 2 for 10 bucks, one black and one navy blue. These tights are so cheap and so amazing. The are actually lined with really nice soft fleece like material, so they keep my legs really warm in the winter. I bought them in a medium large since i have longer legs, and they fit perfectly! In case you don't know, when buying tights, the size correlates with the length, not the width.

I have probably talked about using this soap before, but I will say again, I LOVE THIS SOAP! I have hyper pigmentation spots on my face from acne and I have tried literally everything over the counter and ridiculously expensive. I had finally found this product in an Asian grocery store, and decided to buy it to even out my skin tone and it went above and beyond my expectations. My hyper pigmentation started to settle down, my skin tone over all evened out, and even fixed the dark area under my arms from saving. For 3 dollars a bar, it does amazing magical things!

These shoes I bought during November and forgot to include in my last haul, but the are amazing. I wear them almost every day and the match so many different outfits! The only thing is that they aren't that comfy so i had to add and insole to help me wear it for longer hours. I bought them at Forever 21 during their 10 dollar off event, and got them for only 30 bucks. :)

 Lastly these are my nails for this week :) Hope you enjoyed reading about things that i like!! If you want a more in depth post on anything let me know :) Stay Tuned!!!

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