Monday, June 10, 2013

[Beauty Haul]

As promised I am writing about my amazing experience with and the wonderful items I purchased! As I had mentioned in my last lens review, I had recently made a purchase of 4 items off of their website for the first time since the company switched names and moved to Korea. Needless to say, their service was stellar! The few I came into contact with were very helpful with any problems I had, and all emails were answered within 24 hours.

I have always kept a watchful eye over all of their new products coming through the store, as well as prices on their amazing hair pieces and makeup. After purchasing a set of clip in hair extensions from the original shop, I was hooked. Finally a few weeks ago I decided to get a replacement pair since I had worn the originals to death. 

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$20.28 CAD

While looking through the hair section, I also found a gorgeous clip in ponytail hair piece as well as a bun up do hair piece on sale. I figure I needed these since my short hair has been driving me crazy. I cant even make a proper bun T__T. 

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$29.70 CAD

 photo from
 8.60  4.30 CAD

The last thing I ordered was an eyebrow razor since I have also taken to shaving off half of my eyebrows recently. Call me crazy, but its sooo much easier drawing on the tail end of the eyebrow then shaping it... for me anyways.

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$2.80 CAD

All together my total came to $64.52 (I had also ordered a pore brush, but it was out of stock), but with points collected from my previous orders as well as item reviews on their website, I received about 20 dollars off and only paid $42.74. That is with shipping included as well!

As I had mentioned before, the person I had emailed over the pore brush was extremely helpful and even tried to find the next best item on their site as a substitute. Unfortunately the only similar item was about 3 times more then I wanted to spend, so they refunded me my money back on paypal immediately, no if, ands or buts about it. Something iv always been nervous about was getting refunded from an online shop, but at Keautystore, there is absolutely no hassle! 

After about a week and a half, I came home to find a large box hanging out of my mailbox from Korea. Needless to say I was thrilled and literally ran inside to see what I received. I am always super impatient while waiting for a package, and I was nervous to see how long I had to wait, but it took almost the same amount of time it would have taken from their old location in Canada. This made me a very happy camper!

It was alot nicer then this..I just kinda tore through everything right away before taking a picture :/

The box was nicely sealed with no cracks or bumps in it from its journey. Opening it I could see everything laid out neatly all packaged and only slightly bent. Everything arrived safe and sound, and I'm so happy to start using my items and post for you guys!

sooo many samples <3

If you would like to order from, make sure to use my coupon code: mikkidoll to get 5% off your entire purchase! I really wouldn't be talking up this store if it wasn't worth the hype. They are definitely a company I will buy more from in the near future!

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