Sunday, June 2, 2013

{Lens Review} Secret Brown - (promo code!)

As promised I have a new circle lens review, this time sponsored by the amazing (formerly I have a two previous reviews already of the original shop which was based in Vancouver Canada until their recent move to Korea. Since their move, they have added some new products, new perks and changed their name as well. 

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I have always loved the site and frequently visited it to see all the new products that they regularly put up. I originally wanted to purchase another set of clip in hair extensions (which you can see the review on here), since mine were finally starting to get a little ratty after a year of constant use.  While going through the site I found many new items I wanted to purchase and contacted the site. After placing an order and having a pleasant conversation with one of the workers, the wait began for my items.

1 week later I came home from work to find a wonderful little package waiting for me from Korea, which was a total surprise! Upon opening the package I saw a bunch of little goodies, and a hint of bubble wrap covering something at the bottom.

When I opened up the bubble wrap I was happy to see two little Neo Cosmo lens vials and the cutest little mouse animal lens case ever!

Now onto the Review!

Secret Brown

Brand: Neo Cosmo
Price: 19.00 (pair)
Base Curve: 8.60
Diameter: 14.2
Life Span: 6-8 months

Enlargement: 2.5/5
These are probably the smallest lenses I've ever had. When having one in and one out there is hardly any difference. This would be perfect for someone who is new to circle lenses or someone that is looking for a casual everyday lens that isn't too outrageous.

Colour / Design: 3.5/5
These lenses are a gorgeous yellow colour in the vile with a bold black ring around the outside, and little dots towards the middle to help blend into your natural eye. On my eyes they turn them a really pretty deep brown with almost olive green tones. As I have naturally black eyes, some lenses make my eyes look more chocolate brown, but these ones have a really pretty, dark olive green/brown look to them.

Comfort: 3/5
For the most part these lenses are quite comfortable. I haven't worn lenses in a very long time, so my eyes are adjusting, but I can definitely see myself wearing these lenses for a full 8 hours. However they are quite drying and would need to be moistened from time to time with eye drops.

Over All: 4/5
These lenses aren't my favourite, but they are wonderful for anyone new to circle lenses or looking for a simple go to for every day. My favourite aspects are the colour it gives my eyes and the comfort. Personally I like having a bit more of a design and a larger look, but these would be perfect lenses for me to wear to work on a regular basis.

Also they were so kind as to give me a promo code for all of you wonderful readers to use!
Type mikkidoll in at check out!

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  1. looks good! can i ask you if you have a better picture with lighting.. i really cant see the lenses when you're wearing them.. i hope you can make some more close ups in better lightning?


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