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Here in Canada, all fashion styles are acceptable and encouraged with our vast and diverse population. In Toronto for instance, you can find everything from Goth to traditional cultural wear, to preppy and so on. Sometimes it is just hard to come by the right items in town, or their too expensive, so thats when  I turn to online shops. One I recently stumbled onto was They mainly sell korean based womens and mens fashions as well as accessories at discounted prices.

As you can all probably already tell, I draw most of my fashion choices and inspiration from mainly korean online stores and other street fashion websites. I love how koreans can mix things to look youthful but still sexy without going too extreme. With that said, they are also really good at mixing edgy or grungy pieces while still looking acceptable, something I've been trying to incorporate into my own wardrobe recently. What I usually do as a shoppaholic, is look through all sorts of fashion and style media, get different ideas and styling tips,and then pull it together with cheaper alternatives.

For instance this outfit here is one im in love with from the drama She is WOW.  It consists of a colourful moto jacket, white graphic tee and leather pants worn by the character Yoo Nam Hee.

(sorry for the terrible screen shot :/)

This is how I would put together a similar outfit using items from coco-fashion:

3/4 Sleeve Floral Print Blazer: 10.03

White Loose Deer Print Tee: 7.97

Black PU leather skinny pants: 12.73

For my body type, a longer style tailored jacket would work better with the skinny leather pants. also with the larger print on the white tshirt, the floral and black lapels help to balance it out. Also saving me a lot of money!I think all together this would make a really super cute look!

In this club scene, Yoo Nam Hee is wearing a really cute strapless red dress. While looking on the website I found one almost exactly the same! All that would be needed is a simple chunky necklace to finish off this classy look.

Red Lycra&Chiffon Gorgeous Tube Dress: 9.56

Another style i really like from the drama "She is WOW" is one of club looks. The white abstract dress and glittery bomber style jacket. This is how i would do it using more items from coco-fashion.

(again, another terrible screen cap.. but you get the gist) 

Red sequin short jacket: 10.67

White Fitted Minni Lady Dress: 10.51

Again, not exactly the same style, just a representation of the ideas and concepts behind the styling of the outfit. The fitted style and sexy cut outs near the neckline make a sleek and sophisticated club look. The sequined jacket also helps to bring a little street wear style into it and make the dress a little bit less serious.

The store itself also features top trends in fashion, and shows the best selection of their items that fit those trends. The site is very easy to navigate around on, so it helps make it shoppable and easier to find what your looking for out of their hundreds of styles.

A few more of my favourite items are:

Long purple maxi skirt: 9.56

Exotic patterned pants: 10.98

Blue elastic waist tunic: 9.08

Light blue globe skirt: 10.83

Black british style jean jacket: 13.05

Long sleeve bird blouse: 9.71

Blue double zipper bag: 14.79

Black zipper shoulder bag: 14.00

Take a look to see if you like anything on their site! They have a great selection and world wide shipping! What are some things your loving from Coco-fashion? 

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