Thursday, June 20, 2013

Necklace by Diana Tracy

 A few days ago, my sister and her husband hosted a comedy show here in Toronto called Dead Wit Laugh. Proceeds from the show went to the Foundation for Diabetes and featured some amazing comedians including Donnell Rawlings, best known for his roll on the Chappelle's Show as Ashy Larry. Apart from the hilarity going on on stage, there was also food and different vendors outside selling various items and treats. One of these vendors was a beautiful jewelry maker named Diana Tracy. She had a table set up with a great selection of bracelets, necklaces and earrings, all beautifully crafted at extremely affordable prices. 

One piece that caught my eye instantly was a gorgeous seafoam green and gold necklace, earring set. As soon as my eyes locked on it, my mother attempted to pull me away for the table.. she knows how i get around beautiful things (broke).  I had to try it on, and when i did i instantly fell in love with it, and the price which was $25.00 CND. 

Since purchasing this necklace i have worn it at least 5 times, sometimes taking off the big pendent on the bottom and wearing that alone on a longer chain. It is such a versatile piece as it dresses up anything from jeans and a tshirt to getting ultra glam with a nice dress.  

Here are some outfits i have worn with the necklace:

If you are interested in getting a piece of Diana Tracy jewelry, check out her website or check her out on youtube modelling her newest pieces by searching DianaTracyCollection. Her beautiful and creative pieces will definitely inspire you and leave you wanting a piece of your own.

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