Friday, June 21, 2013

Soloution Lens Store Review and Giveaway!

Its been a little while since I last worked with, and since my last post about them, they have done some revamping of their site. They have some great new summer deals; buy 2 lenses and receive 1 free, buy 5 get 2 free and buy 10 get 5 free as well as free international shipping! This is definitely one of the best circle lens sites i have worked with for getting the most bang for your buck.

Each pair of lenses cost 19.90 USD, and come with a lens case as well as a free gift. The shipping time takes anywhere from 2-14 work days depending on your area, and are labelled as gifts so you don't have to worry about paying duties. The lenses are all authentic and come from some very reputable brands like Geo, Dueba and Vassen. Something i love about their site, is that they give you a total breakdown of all the information on the lenses, their full name as well as several different pictures of the lenses, from models to true pictures of the lenses in their vial. It is also so easy to shop their hundreds of lenses since they have 3 different ways to search for lenses. You can look by brand, colour or by each series.

Here are some of the lenses iv purchased from Solution Lens:

Vassen Mimo Forest Green:

Angel Grey Circle Lens:

Vassen Puffy 3tone Brown:

Geo Olive Blue Lens:

Princess Mimi Bambi Sesame Grey Lenses:

Geo Xtra Sakura Pink Lens:

Solution lens is also hosting a permanent giveaway on their site. Every month they will select one person to win a free pair of lenses.  If you are a winner, you can do your own review and receive another pair of lenses for free! Solution-lens is a wonderful company that i highly recommend as i have only ever had great experiences with them.

With that said, stay tuned on my blog for some more reviews and a new haul! 

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