Monday, June 24, 2013

[Wig Review] Upstyle Talent Queen Fashion Wig -

As I had mentioned in my previous beauty haul, I ordered some new hair accessories and so far have been loving them! Today I will be reviewing the bun style wig i had purchased. 

I have been wanting to put my hair up in an acceptable bun for a really really long time. I cut my hair short in the winter and since then iv been stuck in that odd, mid length limbo. I can put my hair in a meek little ponytail but I love wearing top knots (which i cant anymore *sigh*).

While searching the website, I found a really cute bun style which was on sale for $4.30 from its original $8.60 price. I figured what could go wrong with buying it! Cheap, good reviews and it looked amazing on the model. 

Its always easy ordering hair items from this site, since they do a very good job at show casting the different colours and actually explaining what each colour looks like. This bun for instance comes in three different colours, natural black, natural brown and two toned brown. 

       Natural Black                                Natural Brown                                 Two Tone Brown

My hair has turned back to its natural dark brown hue, so the colour i chose was natural brown. Their explanation of the colour is "looks dark brown indoor and normal brown outdoor" which is exactly how i would explain my hair colour.

I was extremely excited when I finally received my parcel with all of my goodies. Everything was neatly packaged and ready to wear. The bun came individually packaged in a sealed plastic bag, and even came with a little instruction sheet to ensure you wear the bun properly.

Now for my Ratings!

Colour / shine = 5/5
As previously mentioned, the colour suits my hair perfectly. I was nervous at first since I wasn't sure if it would look too fake, or a completely different colour. It isn't shiny either and looks and feels like real hair. 

Quality =4/5
The quality is amazing for something that was less then 5 dollars. It doesn't shed and it stays in wonderfully. The only reason i took a point off is because it tangles quite easily. It is made with shorter hairs so even though it tangles, it is quite easy to get out. Also the elastic is extremely sturdy so far. 

Style = 3.5/5
The only thing that isn't amazing about this product is that i t looks slightly different then the models, which usually happens with online purchases. My bun isn't made with a smoother texture, it is more curly when i wear it. To smooth it out, i have to brush it and pin the ends down, otherwise it looks like a big curly mess at the back of my head. 

Overall =4/5
This product does exactly what i intended to use it for, and goes above and beyond what i thought it would for the price. It gives me the look i want, and is extremely comfortable to wear. Its easy to use, and takes me from a terrible hair day to a fabulous up do in minutes. 

Mine                                                                                  Keautystore

Here are some pictures of me wearing the hair piece!

If you would like to purchase your own, find it at Dont forget to use my coupon code! Stay tuned for my next post!

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