Thursday, June 27, 2013

Birthday List

As some of you may know, my 22nd birthday is coming up! With only 2 weeks away, I thought I'd kick of my birthday countdown with a list of my must have / wants for my 22nd year in this world.

While growing up, I've noticed I want less and less for gifts, but one or two things that are quite costly (sorry mom). This year is no different. There's only about 1 or 2 things I really want, and everything else  can really get myself. My philosophy on gifts now is ask for things you cant possibly afford but need.  That way everyone can chip in and get that one thing or at least get me closer to my goal.

This year the big thing I want is laser hair removal. I have always had quite a lot of hair since i was little, and I'm the laziest type of person when it comes to shaving. Imagine how amazing it would be to just wake up, put on some lotion and wear shorts without checking for stubble or shaving ever other day. It would truly be heaven! So far I have found a place i would like to go to that offers full body removal at $1400 for 5 sessions. I think this will be a present to myself, but i am super excited to start and see some results!

For the day of my birthday I would really like to get some amazing shoes. When I say amazing shoes, I mean those serious origami looking shoes <3 This is a little list of the shoes I'd die for.. I'm a size 9.5 or 10 ladies if anyone wants to partake in making my birthday amazing ;) lol

These shoes are all from

Other then these items to splurge on, I only really want sailor moon items, a tripod or a ring light for better lighting for you guys to enjoy better pictures! 

Speaking of sailor moon items, another great thing that I would be so happy to have would be sailor moon decal stickers for my mac book (13"..incase anyone wants to jump on this)
I found these on ebay the other day and I exploded a little bit..

sailor moon vinyl decal sticker

 heart locket vinyl decal sticker

Well thats pretty much it for my lack luster birthday list! Does anyone else have a birthday coming up? what do you want? And which shoes should I get?!

Stay tuned for a new review tomorrow!!

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