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[Wig Review] Pony Tail Review

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As promised, I am back with a new review from! Today I am finally reviewing one of my favourite pieces i have ordered, the Style Pony Glam Wave Tie Up Ponytail

This pony tail is a 50 cm clip/tie in pony tale with a curly wave style at the bottom. Again I ordered it in the colour, natural brown as that is the colour that most suits my hair shade, although this particular style comes in 9 shades. That is the most I have ever seen any hair product across many online stores carry.

The hair piece stays on by a small set of comb teeth connected to a ribbon that ties. When putting in the hair piece, you first make a pony tail or a small bun. Clip the teeth into the hair elastic, and then tie the ribbon around the ponytail a few times until the hair wraps around your ponytail and looks natural. What I usually do with the rest of the ribbon is tie it in a bow underneath my pony tail and secure it down with a bobby pin. After that I either wrap a strand of hair around to cover the ribbon or use another decorative elastic over top.

                        My picture:                                 Keautystore picture:


Style: 4.5/5
I absolutely LOVE this hair piece. It is the perfect length, and adds a nice romantic look to any style. the curls are the bottom keep their shape beautifully and look really natural. I took a half point off because the ponytail itself isn't that thick, and after wearing it for some time the curls tighten and make it look much thinner and curlier rather then wavy. When my hair grows longer it will help thicken up the pony tail, but I'm not sure how it will effect the curls.

Quality: 5/5
I am always blown away by how amazing the quality of the hair products is at Keautystore. The quality you get for the price you pay is amazing, and all of their products last for so long even with constant wear. You do have the option to use heat on their hair products as well, although i don't advise it.

Ease of Use: 4/5
It is super easy to use this product, the only issue I have with it, is that some times the teeth come out or loosen your own hair tie, and it starts to fall out. If I'm going to be out for a long time, I always use extra bobby pins to secure everything just in case as well as tying everything really tight so it stays in.

Over all:4.5/5
As I have already mentioned, I love love LOVE this product. At $29.00US its not the cheapest (but lets be real.. 30 bucks is totally a great price) but I am so happy with this product. Its something I wear almost every day, and sometimes even wear it with my clip in extensions to make a nice half up half down hair style. Its definitely a great versatile piece.

Here are a few pictures with my wearing them!

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Stay tuned for a new clothing haul (or 2)! 

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