Monday, July 1, 2013

[Haul] Drop Dead Items! / Outfit Post

Some pictures are from the iheardropdead website.

Hello hello, and HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! (I'm feeling super festive today!) I am also excited because my items from I <3 DROP DEAD came in at the end of last week!

I had ordered 3 pieces from their US wear house sale the week before, and was so excited that it took a little under a week to receive the items, and I love them all!

These are the items I ordered which are no longer on their website:

This is War

 Crossed Dress

 Mommy's Very Angry

And these are my items once I received them:

Over all I am pretty happy with my items although there were some things that were a little off. First off the fabric on the tops were really thin, paper like cotton that stretches super easily. I have ordered from this company before, and the cotton was really good quality, where as this one is a little lower grade. I don't mind too much since i like that i can stretch the shirts to fit me better, although the arms are kind of weird, which I'm going to have to fix. 

The other thing is that the Mommy's Very Angry top has a scoop neck instead of the high neck that's featured on the picture, which I also don't mind. The arms on this are the same as the This is War tank as well, so ill have to fix it, but I love that at the back it has the Jurassic Park symbol but says drop dead in it.

The last thing was a snarky answer I got to a question I had asked the customer service team. When I had ordered, my invoice said I had chosen USPS (United States Postal Service) for shipping, which the website said only served people in the USA. Seeing as I lived in Canada, I thought I needed to change my shipping service to UPS, which the website said shipped to everywhere else. When I enquired about the discrepancy (which I never actually got a chance to choose which shipping service I wanted), the response I got was " We wouldn't chose an option that wouldn't come to you." I personally thought they could have given me a less bitchy sounding comment, but that's cool, at the end of the day I still got my package. Thanks Chris...thanks...

Any who, her are some pictures of me wearing the items :)

And since it is Canada Day, I figured i would wear my This is War top since it has read and white, with my black shorts and spiked Lita's;

Hope everyone has a Happy Canada Day or just a great Monday!! 
Stay tuned for more awesome reviews and outfits of the days!!

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