Monday, July 8, 2013

[Nail Art Review] Born Pretty Holo Polish

This is a Sponsored Review -All Reviews are done unbiased and honestly

Today I have another sponsored review brought to you buy Born Pretty! They often give bloggers opportunities to test and review new or hot products they carry in their store, and I jumped at the chance to bring you guys a new great review!

I was sent the Holo Polish in colour 7 which is a silvery colour with the rainbow sheen to it. I had wanted to try the green shade which I thought was colour 7, but that's ok with me. I'm happy getting anything at all! 

The polish itself is a smaller bottle, containing 6ml of polish, and a really nice brush head which isn't too big, too small or too stiff. 

The price of the polish is set at $12.88USD but on sale right now for $5.99USD which I think is a more attainable price for the size and amount you get of the polish. It also comes in 12 beautiful shades from the silver I have, purples, blues, greens and black shades. There is definitely something for everyone with these shades, and really helps spice up some nail art.

Depending on the look your trying to achieve you could definitely use one coat of polish, although two gives off the best results. It dries really quickly and application is neat and not streaky. The first layer is quite sheer but the second gives off the perfect vibe of holo-goodness.

1 coat                                                               2 coats

I would rate this polish a...
I only took off a half point because the bottle is quite smaller then what I'm used to although for born pretty products it is about the same size as some of their other polishes. The sale price does help make this a purchase that you will love and not one that will hurt your pocket later.

The formula goes on smooth and non streaky, and you don't need to load up the brush at all. It is for sure something i would recommend to anyone looking for a really cool and unique way to pump up their nail art or even just to have a gorgeous manicure.

If you would like to purchase your own, don't forget to use my 5%off discount code!

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